Proof-of-Concept Site

CLICK below to review the Site Plan for our not-for-profit prototyping and proof-of-concept facility: a fully functional, off-grid, replicable 10-acre regenerative eco-village/test site that generates renewable energy, removes CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere, produces organic food, processes its own waste, provides housing and offers multiple benefits to the local community. We are considering a location on the California coast a few miles south of San Francisco.

  • Community center, demonstration eco-farm, research facility, headquarters and venture-launch site for Sacred Earth Enterprises.
  • Buildings are attractive, affordable, mass-producible, fireproof and radiation resistant.
  • Rapidly becomes financially viable. Co-housing, carbon-based products, NextGen solar PV systems, organic food production (high-value crops, micro-greens, goat dairy, eggs) and other climate-friendly ventures.
  • Produces liquid organic fertilizer from food/livestock waste.
  • Agri-voltaic crop farming with SpectralPV™ self-cooling solar panels.
  • Easy access to major population centers. Electric air-taxi service possible in the near future.
  • Provides housing, jobs and career training for climate refugees, interns and local population.
  • Contributes to climate change mitigation and a safe, habitable planet for future generations.

S.E.E. Tierra Santa Site Plan V4