A Regenerative Organic Agriculture System

Agriculture is the world’s oldest, largest and most important industry.  Over the past half-century,  however, food production and distribution has become the world’s worst emitter of greenhouse gases and the world’s  largest source of ammonia/PM2.5 air pollution,  directly causing global climate damage and resulting in  billions of dollars annually in avoidable  public health expenses.

Agrochemical farming is the world’s worst contaminator of air, soil, water and food. Pesticide-laden, low-nutrient food destroys consumer health. The carciniogen glyphosate (RoundUp) is found in everything from beer to breakfast cereals to mother’s milk. Chemically contaminated farmland destroys the health of our planet. Monopolistic control over farm prices destroys the financial health of the farmers. Agricultural off-gassing and runoff poisons our air and our water.

Introducing the EnviroFarm System™ – a simple, sustainable, proven solution that has the potential to transform this  dangerous scenario. The underlying technology was patented in 2008 and was the subject of a $2.4M multi-site USDA/NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant reported in 2013. Installations are currently operating on 30+ farms in the American Midwest.

The EnviroFarm™ integrates perfectly with Sacred Earth’s EnviroPlex™.  Together or separately, these transformative systems are ready for global deployment. They will bring enormous benefits to the communites they are installed in, will positively impact Earth’s climate, and will generate significant return on investment.

The EnviroFarm System™

The EnviroFarm System™ is a patented, well-tested process that:

  • uses the age-old principles of circular farming.
  • restores the circle of life by re-uniting traditional livestock and crop production.
  • produces abundant plant-ready liquid organic bio-fertilizer.
  • greatly improves the safety and health of farmers, workers and farm animals.
  • generates chemical-free, non-GMO, nutrient-rich organic food.
  • weans farms and farmers from corporate, chemical and financial dependency.
  • reduces production costs and increases profitability.
  • eliminates noxious odors, toxic off-gassing and chemical runoff.
  • rehabilitates and rebuilds depleted biodiversity and soil biology.
  • upgrades farms and farm produce to USDA Organic status.
  • mitigates global warming and reduces climate damage.
  • avoids billions of dollars annually in public health expenses.
  • does all of the above in a sustainable, energy efficient way, and
  • presents boundless investment opportunities, globally.

Integrating the EnviroFarm™ and the EnviroPlex™

A Match Made In Heaven!

A Circular Farming Model

  • Using aerobic EnviroCirculator technology, the EnviroFarm™ refines livestock waste (raw manure) into EnviroFertilizer™ – plant-ready, odor- and pathogen-free liquid organic bio-fertilizer. [NOTE: raw manure is not plant food; it is harmful when applied on crops, and it stinks.]
  • The organic bio-fertilizer feeds the organic crops which feed the organically-fed livestock that produces the fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the livestock, and on and on forever. It is endlessly sustainable.
  • Historically, organic farming has been limited by lack of organic fertilizer. That limit no longer exists.
  • These facts signal a paradigm shift into highly profitable organic food production, which is now possible at very large scale.
  • Deployed at global scale, the combination of the EnviroFarm System™ with the EnviroPlex™ has the potential to radically transform the future of life on Earth. The systems are ready to go. All that remains is the funding.
  • With current CO2 levels exceeding 415 parts per million, the highest in 3.5 million years, philanthropists and investors are awakening to the unprecedented opportunity facing them: they can literally save the world !

What’s Missing?

Farmers are struggling. They want to do the right thing and  upgrade their systems, but they’re trapped in the current paradigm. Corporate lenders only fund farms which stay with “Big Ag.” Farmers need independent investment partners in order to make the shift. There is enormous global return-on-investment potential in the EnviroFarm™ opportunity. Remember, food production is the largest, most essential, most dependable industry on the planet.

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