It is possible, practical and profitable to restore Earth’s
climate system to its pre-industrial state.
The alternative is unthinkable!
Andrew C. Bailey

This is the moment for radical honesty. This is the moment to admit that with incremental climate action we are only fooling ourselves. We have no time for small steps anymore. This is the moment to rise up, be bold and think big. Greenpeace summary: United Nations IPCC Report, October 2018

Climate Restoration represents a multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity.
Dr. Sanjeev Khagram: Dean, Thunderbird School of Global Management, World Economic Forum,  February 2020

Climate restoration is of the utmost importance. We are in the midst of a climate emergency. We are running out of time.  Pope Francis, September 2020

Climate Change is the defining threat of our lifetime. If we do not get it right, nothing else will matter. Julia Stasch, President, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 2020

The main hurdle isn’t financing or technology; we have enough of both. It’s expanding our thinking beyond half-measures and committing to outcomes we want. Restoring a healthy climate and a livable planet is within our grasp if we’re willing to reach for it.
Sir David King and Rick Parnell, The Washington Post, 2021

Introducing Sacred Earth Enterprises

Andrew C. Bailey

Sacred Earth Enterprises is a multi-generational business startup with a sky’s-the-limit global vision, a suite of integrated technologies, multiple revenue streams and a sense of urgency. It begins with a 10-acre research, teaching, demonstration and venture-launch site – the not-for-profit Tierra Santa EcoVillage™. The Sacred Earth venture is a direct response to the Paris Climate Agreement and has been in active development since late 2015. As of May 2021 we are participating in Elon Musk’s 4-year $100 million Carbon Removal XPrize competition.

What is Climate Restoration?
Climate Restoration is the urgent global endeavor to return Earth’s climate systems to the safe and healthy state from which humanity and our natural world evolved. Among other challenges, this requires returning atmospheric CO2 to proven safe levels of less than 300 parts per million (ppm) by 2050. Climate restoration is complementary to ongoing CO2 and methane emission-reduction and mitigation efforts. Healthy Climate Alliance, 2019

The “three legs” of Climate Restoration
Climate Restoration can be likened to a three-legged stool. If one of the legs is missing, the stool will fall over. To return Earth’s climate to a stable and habitable state, we must take three urgent actions:
1. We must STOP burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into Earth’s atmosphere.
2. We must START removing greenhouse gases from Earth’s atmosphere. These two actions are essential, but they are insufficient. There is a third leg to the climate stool.
3. We much immediately BEGIN to reflect the sun’s heat back into space, thus directly cooling the planet.

If we take these three actions immediately and at a sufficiently large scale, we have an integrated solution that is both essential AND sufficient. Sacred Earth Enterprises is developing strategies to accomplish the items above, in a harmless, affordable and profitable manner.

Sacred Earth Enterprises is a “conscious business” whose “massively transformative purpose” is to restore Earth’s atmosphere to its pre-industrial state and to ensure that our children and grandchildren inherit a safe, habitable planet. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we will:

  • Discover, design, develop, market and manage the world’s most effective rapid-deployment climate restoration strategies.
      • Educate and train local and international students and interns in lifelong careers that contribute to the restoration of Earth’s biodiversity: including but not limited to human communities, wildlife, atmosphere, forests, oceans and soils.
      • Reduce and re-purpose the fossil carbon in the atmosphere, increase global food security, eliminate billions of dollars in avoidable human health costs, and mitigate climate damage.
      • Deploy practical, harmless, scalable, affordable strategies that will directly and indirectly reduce global warming.
      • Develop global alliances with individuals, educational organizations, faith communities, businesses and other initiatives that share our urgent agenda.
      • Advise philanthropic entities, faith organizations, impact investors, business leaders and heads of state on strategic options and investment opportunities such as the Tierra Santa Eco-Village Network™, the Carbon Capture Module™,  the Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™, the EnviroVillage™, Spectral Photovoltaic™, the BAILEY Synergy Tower™ and the EnviroFarm™.
      • Develop multiple “spin-off” businesses such as the forthcoming  next-generation self-cooling solar systems from Spectral Photovoltaic
      • Help the 195 countries which signed the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to fulfill their contractual obligations and reach their Sustainable Development Goals.
      • Provide multiple economic, social and health benefits to the communities we operate within, attuned to the specific local needs of those communities.
      • Generate significant return-on-investment for our partners and investors.

Guiding Principles

  • Our corporate governance model will be based on balance, kindness and generosity.
  • Our ventures will provide multiple benefits to Planet Earth and every living creature on it.
  • They will be safe, regenerative, non-toxic and harmless to ecosystems, plants, animals, and humans.
  • Our projects will re-frame daunting challenges into great opportunities.
  • Our projects will be practical and effective from the climate, business, scientific and engineering standpoints.
  • Our projects will be emotionally satisfying and economically profitable for our members, partners, collaborators and investors.
  • A large part of our profits will re-invested in Earth-friendly projects such as environmental research/education, tree-planting campaigns, restoring degraded farmland, launching new climate-friendly businesses, building new communities with materials sourced from atmospheric CO2 and more.

1. Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™                         https://circularcity.us/the-enviroplex/
2. The Carbon Capture Module          https://circularcity.us/carbon-capture/
3. The EnviroFarm *                                  https://circularcity.us/farming/
4. The EnviroVillage™                                https://circularcity.us/envirovillage/
5. Tierra Santa EcoVillage™                    https://circularcity.us/tierra-santa-crv/
6. Coming Soon: high-efficiency self-cooling solar systems from Spectral Photovoltaic

NOTE: Architectural renderings byJames Plagmann, AIA, HumaNatureArchitecture, Boulder, CO  according to ©2017 designs by S.E.E founder Andrew C. Bailey.

The EnviroPlex is Andrew C. Bailey’s original invention: a modular, mass-producible, scalable climate solution combining regenerative organic food production with direct-air carbon capture and distributed energy generation. It is a one-acre (45,000 sq ft) high-tech, net-zero living laboratory with three main components: Barn/Factory/Market, Greenhouse/Vertical Farm and  Multi-Use Pavilion. It runs on renewable energy: sun, wind, water, hydrogen, geothermal etc, as available. It purifies polluted air and removes CO2 from the atmosphere using a combination of photosynthesis and multiple Carbon Capture Modules™.

The Carbon Capture Module is Bailey’s original invention: a mass-producible 34 ft. by 9 ft. by 1ft. 6in. structural wall array sized to fit 5-up in a standard shipping container. Each module incorporates 16 carbon-fiber-bladed fan units, which move ambient air through a series of “wet contactors” – chemically removing atmospheric carbon compounds. CO2 is converted to a stable, harmless water-based solution and stored in an underground holding tank awaiting water recovery, concentration and conversion to commercially valuable materials. Subject to local conditions – cost, demand and other market considerations – derivative products can be manufactured from the captured carbon, including heating fuels, soil additives, building materials (such as limestone or magnesite flooring panels and “green” concrete aggregate) and carbon-fiber composites for 3D printing.

Rapid Deployment

  • Society has invested billions in climate research, modeling, conferences, forums and reports. We understand the urgency of the crisis we face. We know  the consequences of continued inaction: an uninhabitable planet for our children and grandchildren.
  • We have the answers, the technology and the capital. Enough talk. It is time to re-focus our energy and get to work on solutions!
  • To be effective, we need integrated, replicable, scalable,  ever-evolving systems that can be automated, manufactured and massively deployed in the most efficient way possible. We can learn a lot from the military in this regard.
  • To be effective, we need global strategies that provide multiple benefits to stakeholders, including abundant return on investment. Philanthropy may be too small to do it. Governments may or may not do it. Bold private enterprise WILL do it.
  • To be effective, we need aesthetically-pleasing multi-faceted solutions that communities will welcome into their neighborhoods. Ugly, noisy, single-purpose factories will be resisted.
  • The EnviroPlex™  and our other solutions are designed from the ground up to  satisfy all of the above requirements.

Investors Take Note
Depending on the end use of the captured carbon, US Tax Code 45Q provides a tax credit of either $50 or $35 per metric ton for the carbon sequestered by the EnviroPlex and the Carbon Capture Module.

The Dawn of the Carbon Revolution
We will use the principles of “agile” design, integrating cutting-edge emerging technologies as they become viable. For example, using Artificial Intelligence, the Carbon Capture Module (CCM) will become self-replicating, 3D printing itself from the captured CO2, starting with the carbon-fiber fan blades – which last forever and require 75% less electricity than steel or aluminum blades. As carbon-fiber 3D printing and related processes go mainstream and become affordable, we will be able to build anything we can imagine from “waste”  CO2. The trillion tons of fossil carbon in the atmosphere will replace the concrete, steel and aluminum industries currently emitting unconscionable amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And that is just the beginning!

(1) CCM technology can be deployed in desert oases, sports arenas, urban parks, hotels, churches, factories, warehouses and more. As of mid-2021 the best-developed of these applications is the EnviroPlex – an integrated farming system combining carbon capture with organic food production, carbon-free energy generation and residential real estate development.
(2) The proprietary inventions, designs and trade names Carbon Capture Module™, Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™, EnviroVillage™, BAILEY Synergy Towerand Spectral Photovoltaics™ are globally IP protected by immutable blockchain-based Time Stamped Authority (TSA) certificates.

The Sacred Earth systems are in an advanced state of design. They are ripe for tax-deductible philanthropic support, for-profit investment, development and global deployment. Our next step is prototyping and proof-of-concept.  We are  talking with organizations such as Smart Nations, FaithInvest.org, Santa Fe Community College’s world-leading Trades and Advanced Technologies Center, The Institute Of Ecolonomics and others about strategies to develop our technology roadmap, build scale models and prototypes, and develop our not-for-profit Climate Restoration Institute – a 10-acre research, teaching, demonstration and venture-launch facility.

L – R: Kim Langbecker, TERRA Sustainable Technologies; Andrew C. Bailey, Sacred Earth Enterprises; Luke Spangenberg, SFCC Trades & Advanced Technologies Center

This overview focuses on the EnviroPlex – a hybrid climate solution designed for polluted population centers such as Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, Cairo, Mexico City and countless others. EnviroPlex systems can be customized and installed virtually anywhere. E.G: they can be installed on top of flat-roofed buildings such as shopping centers, factories and warehouses.

The EnviroPlex is a modular, mass-producible, carbon-negative climate solution which provides economic, environmental, educational, social and health benefits to the community in which it is installed. Its primary function is large-scale air purification and food production while capturing, sequestering and re-purposing the atmospheric CO2 that passes through it.

  • The EnviroPlex filters out gaseous air pollutants (nitrogen and sulfur oxides, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc) and airborne particulate matter such as coal and wood smoke, smog, exhaust fumes, diesel soot and other dangerous  PM2.5 materials.
  • Using photosynthesis, it converts part of the captured CO2 into healthy vegetable produce for human and animal consumption.
  • It’s an organic farm and farmers’ market.
  • It’s a downstream products research laboratory and factory.
  • In hot dry climates, at no additional cost, it provides evaporative cooling, a sustainable alternative to air-conditioning.
  • It purifies and recirculates the water it uses and provides quality drinking water to occupants and the local community.
  • It produces and stores all or most of its own energy.
  • It improves the health and living conditions of occupants, workers and livestock.
  • It provides employment for local community members.
  • It permanently captures atmospheric CO2 in a neutral aqueous solution, from which many marketable products can be generated.

There are currently three versions of the EnviroPlex design, including a compact square 150ft X 150ft (half-acre) unit.

  • The lighweight “vegan” or “suburban” version described in this overview can even be installed on top of existing flat-roofed buildings.
  • The larger, livestock-based  version requires more land. This design incorporates a well-tested regenerative organic agriculture system developed in 1994 and patented in 2008 by inventor William F. Tooley: the EnviroFarm a.k.a The Circular Farm™.
  • Circular City Consulting, LLC represents Mr. Tooley’s EnviroFarm Systems™ venture to investors in a separate fundraising capacity. See https://circularcity.us/farming/ for more.

Real Estate Applications
Each 8-module EnviroPlex provides a 50,000 sq.ft. multi-story, healthy, clean-air indoor space (the Multi-Purpose Pavilion) which the owner/developer can customize and utilize in a multitude of economically-valuable ways: high-value crop production, shopping mall, school or college campus, business or entertainment complex, light industry, corporate or government offices, elder care, hospital, residential, artist studios/galleries, horse operation, winery etc.

The Market
Our target markets are entrepreneurs, urban and suburban developers, municipalities and sovereign nations. Almost 200 countries signed binding commitments to reduce their GHG emissions and carbon footprints pursuant to the 2015 COP21 Paris climate agreement. Few of the signatories currently have a realistic strategy to accomplish those goals. This presents a huge business opportunity. We anticipate manufacturing and selling hundreds of thousands of Carbon Capture Modules and installing tens of thousands of EnviroPlex systems worldwide, helping countries to meet their COP21 obligations and reach their SDGs.

Multiple Revenue Streams
While the proposed Institute For Climate Restoration will most likely be a not-for profit entity, Sacred Earth Enterprises is intended to become a very large, multi-department, for-profit business.

  • We will generate revenue by manufacturing, selling, installing and maintaining Carbon Capture Modules™ – which have numerous applications in addition to the EnviroPlex™.
  • We will generate revenue by manufacturing, selling, installing and maintaining EnviroPlex™ units, which incorporate multiple Carbon Capture Modules™.
  • We will generate additional revenue by:
    (1) Manufacturing and selling carbon-based downstream products such as organic fertilizer and foods, high-value crops, fuels, soil additives, building materials and 3D printed products derived from carbon-fiber composites.
    (2) Leasing space (at least 50,000 sq. ft. per EnviroPlex™) to businesses, institutions, artists, entrepreneurs and other appropriate tenants.
    (3) Developing co-housing ecovillage communities centered around the EnviroPlex™ – featuring attractive homes 3D-printed from atmospheric CO2 converted to “green” concrete.
    (4) Developing multiple spinoff ventures such as Spectral Photovoltaics™ and the BAILEY Synergy Tower™.
  • We will also generate revenue by partnering with existing entities such as the eXpert Company, Inc (large-scale regenerative agriculture,) alternative energy  companies, municipalities, colleges and our tenants.
  • Finally, let us not forget the $50/ton or $35/ton 45Q tax credits in the USA. The law was enacted to benefit the fossil fuel industry, but it also benefits investors in companies such as Sacred Earth Enterprises which are engaged in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR.)

1. This Overview does not yet include financial projections or pro forma materials. These elements require paid professional input as they include international business arrangements and multiple currencies. They will be included in future versions of the Executive Overview and the full Business Plan.

2. Our team of experts and our advisory council have received no monetary compensation for their work to date. The past six years of developmental work have been entirely funded by the founders and small  contributions from a handful of generous friends.


Phase One: Seed Funding
We are raising a first round proof-of-concept startup fund of $5 – $10 million, including but not limited to tax-deductible donations via a fiscal sponsor such as The Earth Restoration Alliance, Inc, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization. The funds will enable us to accomplish the following over the coming 24 – 36 months:

  • Develop our technology roadmap, prototype our designs, experiment with various carbon-capture chemistries and accumulate dependable data as to their efficacy.
  • Engage in comprehensive venture engineering to ensure long-term project success. See for example: https://www.icvgroup.org/venture-engineering/
  • Secure a 10-acre rural property for a Climate Restoration Institute: an organic farm, permaculture forest, agri-voltaic installation, research, teaching, demonstration and venture-launch site.
  • Build business infrastructure and global inter-business relationships.
  • Identify and assemble a competent, experienced core operating team.
  • Clarify branding, entity, legal, licensing and intellectual property questions.
  • Conduct necessary R & D work, including AI, automation and downstream product options, including potential spinoff businesses.
  • Develop global manufacturing, marketing and distribution  strategies.
  • Develop comprehensive, realistic 2, 5 and 10-year financial projections.
  • Build mass-producible demonstration prototypes of the Carbon Capture Module™ and run tests to determine optimum chemistry and effectiveness.
  • Develop architectural and engineering plans and cost accounting for a fully-operational, mass-producible EnviroPlex module (The EnviroPlexpictured above consists of four such modules.)
  • Develop multiple alternative applications for the Carbon Capture Module™.
  • Investigate downstream product options for re-use of the captured carbon.
  • Lay the groundwork for investment partnership/s followed by full global deployment.
  • Secure abundant financing for Phase Two.

Phase Two: Global Launch
We envision a significant global launch within 48 months of Phase One completion. Leading to a potential multi-billion dollar business, this calls for a $100 million philanthropic grant, equity partnership, government funding or other effective financial arrangement.

rise up, be bold and think big

Reminder: it is possible, practical and profitable to restore
Earth’s climate system to its pre-industrial state.
The alternative is unthinkable!


Andrew C. Bailey
(928) 451 -2043

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