Carbon Capture


The Carbon Capture Module

Atmospheric CO2 will soon reach levels leading to irreversible biosphere collapse and catastrophe for all life on Planet Earth. We are already seeing the undeniable global precursors. Unless we wake up and change course, the future is going to look like this:

One solution? Direct-air carbon capture. Sacred Earth Enterprises is developing a modular, scalable carbon capture technology that will remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere – and we are firmly committed to keeping it out, permanently! We regard the trillion tons of excess carbon in the atmosphere as a resource that can be put to work for the good of humanity.

Industrial-scale CO2 removal using hundreds or thousands of CCM™ arrays combined with global deployment of the hybrid EnviroPlex™ will go a long way toward restoring Earth’s atmosphere and mitigating global warming and climate damage.

A 16-unit structural wall array 36 ft. wide by 9ft high.

  • Arrays of CCM™s clean and filter polluted air, removing particulate matter (PM2.5),  nitrous oxide and other toxic pollutants, as well as CO2.
  • Installed in sufficient numbers, CCM™ arrays will reduce and reverse global warming.
  • CCM™s capture useful, marketable carbon compounds from the atmosphere. These compounds can be converted to valuable derivative products: “green concrete,” soil additives, fuels, fertilizers,  carbon-fiber composite materials for 3D printing and more.
  • Second generation 3D printed carbon-fiber CCM™s are intended to become self-replicating using artificial intelligence. This will facilitate rapid deployment of this beneficial climate solution.
  • CCM™s run on cheap, common chemicals, recycled water (including river and ocean water) and renewable energy (sun, wind, hydro, geothermal etc.)
  • A by-product of the CCM™ is purified water, which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • CCM™s provide cool, clean, moist interior air in hot dry climates like the American Southwest, the Middle East and much of India, China, Africa and Australia. CCM™s provide a sustainable, affordable alternative to air conditioning  in such climates.
  • The CCM™ is modular, which means that CCM™ arrays can be scaled without limitation.
  • CCM™s can be configured into aesthetically-pleasing structural wall components for enclosed spaces: desert oases, urban parks, gardens, residential buildings, greenhouses, factories, warehouses, sports arenas and so on.
  • The CCM™ is based upon simple chemistry and engineering that every high school student should understand.
  • The CCM™ represents a very large manufacturing and marketing opportunity. Industrial-scale CCM™ installations will create significant return on investment.
  • Multiple spin-off industries will evolve from the carbon-based byproducts generated.
  • These clean, eco-friendly new businesses will produce industrial tycoons of the future.

We have a choice! Which way are we going to go?

Who are our customers? That’s easy. Right now, we have almost 200 countries committed to reducing their carbon footprints. Globally, we have dozens of polluted cities where the air is unbreathable. We have places like Phoenix, Arizona recording temperatures in excess of 125 degrees F. We have ever-expanding, hot, dry deserts.

It’s not unrealistic to predict first-five-year sales in excess of a million CCM™ arrays, and that’s just the beginning. Do the math.

The Carbon Capture Module™ is ready to deploy. Just add money! One visionary billionaire could enable us to launch the CCM™ project in just 24 months! That billionaire’s name could go down in history. We’re just an email away!

We are looking at all of the carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) operations on the planet, and endeavoring to identify the best of all strategies. We are convinced that we are on the right track with our current CCM™ design, but if there’s a better way, we want to know about it.

We invite engagement, questions, suggestions, comments and support. Please be in touch.

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