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It is possible, practical and profitable to restore Earth’s climate system to its pre-industrial state. Andrew C. Bailey

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The Sacred Earth team is participating in Elon Musk’s 4-year $100 million Carbon Removal XPRIZE competition. We are building and testing a scalable demonstration Carbon Capture Module™ (CCM™) for that purpose. This is the first step towards building a demonstration Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™ at our proposed Climate Resilient Eco-Village™.

We must build and test a working CCM™ prototype and submit verified results by February 1st, 2022.  Time is of the essence! We are seeking supporters and sponsors to help us achieve this initial goal and win a $1,000,000 Milestone Award as the first step on this 4-year journey. You can support the team by donating to our new GoFundMe campaign!


Introducing the Carbon Capture Module

Prototype Carbon Capture Module #1 ready for testing: Maine, Aug 25, 2021.

Business Description

Sacred Earth Enterprises is a small startup with a global vision. We are developing an integrated, multi-faceted, modular, scalable, mass-producible, profitable carbon capture technology with the potential to remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere – and keep it out permanently. We will develop profitable ways to re-purpose the captured carbon while providing multiple benefits to local communities: business opportunities, employment, housing, commercial real estate, organic food, healthy indoor air, purified water and more. Our installations will help countries, states and municipalities reach their Sustainable Development Goals while creating thousands of jobs and other opportunities – and generating significant return on investment for our partners and investors.

Why We Are Different

Our vision is not dependent on ugly industrial installations or elusive tax-payer funding. The venture has multiple revenue steams and is designed to become profitable at an early stage. Our business model calls for a distributed network of attractive, community-friendly eco-installations based on proprietary inventions and designs (Carbon Capture Module™, Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™, EnviroFarm™, Bailey Synergy Tower™, Spectral Photovoltaics™, Tierra Santa Eco-Village™.) The system integrates renewable energy, regenerative organic agriculture, permaculture, direct-air CO2 removal and re-use, agri-voltaics with solar radiation management, water management, soil restoration, re-forestation and sustainable community-based real estate development, including co-housing villages built with materials derived from excess CO2 in the air.

The Carbon Removal Xprize

Elon Musk’s Xprize is a global competition in search of the “world’s best carbon capture technology”. The Sacred Earth team has been developing integrated solutions to this exact problem since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015.


The “world’s best carbon capture technology” is not one particular technological strategy in isolation. The chemistry and chemical engineering of carbon capture are relatively simple. There are already numerous systems that successfully remove CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere. The best carbon removal technology is one that runs on renewable energy and is regenerative, circular, integrated, scalable, adaptable and distributed. It permanently removes and re-purposes CO2 from the atmosphere, works in harmony with other essential climate strategies, provides multiple benefits to the communities it is deployed in, has a measurable positive effect on Earth’s climate AND provides significant return to investors. Importantly, there is an educational component. It can contribute to a global transformation in the way humans inhabit the Earth.

Climate Restoration

The urgent goal of climate restoration, aka planetary regeneration, is to return Earth’s climate to a stable and habitable state. It can be likened to a three-legged stool. If one of the legs is missing, the stool falls over. To avoid imminent catastrophe, we must take three critical actions:
1. We must STOP burning fossil fuels and emitting greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into Earth’s atmosphere.
2. We must START removing large quantities of greenhouse gases from Earth’s atmosphere.
[NOTE: These two actions are essential, but they are  not sufficient to restore Earth’s climate. There is a third leg to the climate stool.]
3. We must BEGIN to reflect excess solar heat back into space, thus directly cooling the planet.

This information is not commonly known by politicians and other decision-makers! Our team has harmless, affordable, profitable strategies to accomplish these challenging goals.

Our team regards the trillion tons of excess carbon in the atmosphere as a “mining” resource that can be put to work for the good of humanity. Entrepreneur and Xprize founder Peter Diamandis calls this the “Carbon Revolution”. Dr. Sanjeev Khagram, Dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, called it a multi-trillion-dollar investment opportunity at the World Economic Forum in February 2020.

Immediate deployment of industrial-scale CO2 removal using thousands of Carbon Capture Module™ (CCM™) arrays combined with global deployment of the Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™ and other proprietary strategies such as our Spectral Photovoltaic™ systems will go a long way toward restoring Earth’s atmosphere and mitigating global warming and climate damage.

A 16-unit structural CCM™ wall array 36 ft. wide by 9ft high.

About the Carbon Capture Module™ (CCM™)
  • CCM™s can be configured into aesthetically-pleasing structural wall components for enclosed spaces: desert oases, urban parks and farms, community gardens, residential buildings, greenhouses, factories, warehouses, sports arenas and the Sacred Earth EnviroPlex™.
  • Arrays of CCM™s will filter and clean polluted air, removing dangerous particulate matter (PM2.5) such as diesel soot, wildfire smoke, nitrous oxide and other toxic pollutants, as well as carbon dioxide causing climate change.
  • CCM™s will permanently remove useful, marketable carbon compounds from the atmosphere. These compounds can be converted to valuable derivative products: “green concrete,” soil additives, fuels, fertilizers,  carbon-fiber composite materials for 3D printing and more.
  • Second generation 3D printed carbon-fiber CCM™s are intended to become self-replicating using artificial intelligence. This will facilitate rapid deployment of this beneficial climate solution.
  • CCM™s will run on cheap, common chemicals, recycled water (including river and ocean water) and renewable energy (sun, wind, hydro, geothermal etc.)
  • A valuable by-product of the CCM™ will be purified water, which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  • CCM™s will provide cool, clean, moist interior air in hot dry climates like the American Southwest, the Middle East and much of India, China, Africa and Australia. CCM™s provide a sustainable, affordable alternative to air conditioning  in such climates.
  • The CCM™ is modular, which means that CCM™ applications can be scaled without limitation.
  • The CCM™ is based upon simple chemistry and engineering that every high school student should understand.
  • The CCM™ represents a very large manufacturing and marketing opportunity. Industrial-scale CCM™ installations will create significant return on investment.
  • Multiple spin-off businesses and entire industries will evolve from the carbon-based byproducts generated. These clean, eco-friendly new ventures will produce industrial tycoons of the future.

Humanity has a choice! Which way are we going to go?

Who are our customers? For starters, we have almost 200 countries committed to reducing their carbon footprints. Globally, we have hundreds of polluted cities where the air is toxic. We have places like Phoenix, Arizona recording temperatures in excess of 120 degrees F. We have ever-expanding, hot, dry deserts. The American West is burning.  So is the Amazon. So is Siberia. So is Australia. Our strategies, products and programs will help in all these places.

We’re just an email away! Remember, YOU could contribute to our brand-new GoFundMe campaign! You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference! Welcome to the Carbon Revolution!

We invite engagement, questions, suggestions, comments and support. Please be in touch.


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