Synergy Tower™



The Bailey Synergy Tower™ integrates three different renewable electricity generators: a downdraft wind turbine, a solar photovoltaic array and a vertical axis wind turbine. Excess electricity is stored for later use by a gravity-powered “water battery.” Water is pumped up to a storage tank using renewable electricity. The stored energy is converted back to electricity on demand using micro-hydro generators. The system also captures rainfall, stores and pressurizes the community water supply and provides options for drinking water purification.


  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: the uppermost assembly is a state-of-the-art turbine that captures wind energy and converts it to electricity.
  • Service Platform: Via an exterior elevator on the north side of the tower, the platform provides access to the wind turbine mechanisms and the downdraft tower’s water spray system.
  • Water Storage Tank: Resembles the common towers providing water pressure to rural communities – with one huge difference: the tank has a hollow center, allowing for the downdraft shaft and associated mechanisms.
  • Downdraft Shaft: A fine spray of water cools and humidifies the upper air. Cool moist air is heavier than the surrounding air. From the top of the water storage tank to the top of the multi-use building, the +/- 150 ft. shaft channels cool descending air down to the downdraft turbine which converts the resulting “wind” to electricity. [NOTE: System works best in hot, dry climates.]
  • Structural Exoskeleton: The weight and torque of the water storage tank and vertical axis wind turbine is supported by a strong, lightweight lattice.
  • Vertical Solar PV array: The southeast, south and southwest faces of the tower support an array of solar PV panels angled for optimum exposure to the sun.
  • Multi-use building: The lower dome houses the various control mechanisms of the system and provides space for offices, laboratories and gathering places. The south-facing facets of the dome are clad in photovoltaic tiles.
  • Sacred Geometry grid: The footprint of the Synergy Tower™ is an ancient sacred geometry grid which is replicated throughout the structure’s horizontal cross-section. Aside from its esthetic beauty, it is also the optimum engineering structure for such a function.