The future has arrived, and it’s not a pretty picture. Our species, our planet, and every living thing on it, are in deep, deep trouble. The problem? Global warming is causing rapidly accelerating climate change. The signs are everywhere.

Human-generated carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere prevent solar heat from escaping back into space. As a result, the planet is heating up. The polar ice-caps are melting. The seas are rising. We are beyond the tipping point. No intelligent, informed person doubts that.

The question is: what are we going to do about it? We have known about the problem for almost a century. Organizations such as the Farralones Institute, the Buckminster Fuller Institute, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the American Renewable Energy Institute and many others have done their best to alert the world to the situation and to propose solutions. Their prodigious efforts have had little visible effect.

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that a quarter of a century of  United Nations Climate Action conferences (COP1 – COP23) has produced no discernible slowing in global warming . In fact climate change is proceeding much faster than any of the computer simulations predicted. It is also clear that the governments of the world are incapable of delivering the emissions reductions the COP agreements committed them to.

Astonishingly, the United States, once a world leader in progressive action, is going the other way, and is planning to destroy as much of the planet as it possibly can, in the interest of short-term profits for its wealthiest, most-rapacious, least-conscious citizens and their amoral multinational corporations.


It is MY problem! It is YOUR problem!  It is OUR problem! No one else is going to fix it! Therefore, We the People are going to step up to the plate and do something about the future of our beautiful, fragile planet. Fortunately, some among us are visionary global scientists, thinkers and engineers, and some of us are extremely wealthy, yet have not sacrificed our humanity to greed.

There are some very good people who have accumulated or inherited huge sums of money. There are philanthropic organizations dedicated to climate change mitigation. There are sustainable investment funds looking for viable, profitable projects. We are going to get together and deal with the situation!

The rescue of Planet Earth will not be easy. It will take vision, determination and investment capital. It will cost many billions. On the other hand, what dollar value do we put on this planet? It is beyond priceless! It is the only planet we have.

We have no alternative, and the process will in fact earn tens or hundreds of billions for those who invest in it. It is the greatest business opportunity in history. As a bonus, our grandchildren will inherit a cool, green, healthy, sustainable planet.


Climate change is no longer a question of science. The science is indisputable. It is time for the engineers to step in. Geo-engineering sounds scary, does it not? What if something goes wrong? Well, we have been unconsciously geo-engineering our planet since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and something has already gone wrong. Horribly wrong!

Now that we understand the consequences of unconscious geo-engineering, we have to deploy our collective genius and our collective financial resources, and apply a program of urgent, conscious, intelligent action that will reverse global warming.

There are a number of relatively simple but powerful solutions to this developing crisis. Many of them have to do with regenerative agriculture, direct-air carbon capture, or a combination of both. Direct global cooling using Solar Radiation Management (SRM) will also be necessary. This website will introduce you to three related strategies which are ready for funding followed by global deployment.


Our mission is to promote practical global cooling solutions that currently exist. The technology may need engineering research and development, but the science is in place. Our job is to connect these emerging solutions and business opportunities with you the concerned philanthropist, you the green investor, you the business leader, you the head of a  country urgently seeking a solution to the greatest challenge that has ever faced our species, bar none.

We offer a set of technological inventions, systems and strategies that, if applied without delay on a global scale, will extract much of the excess carbon in the atmosphere and the ocean, and put that carbon to work for the benefit of humanity. Profitably. We will go back to living on a cool, green, living planet, instead of an overheated, brown, dead one.


The science and the technology to accomplish all of the above exists, right now.  All the pieces of the puzzle are in place. It’s just that nobody has yet seen the big picture. Until now.

Collectively, we have the genius, the technology, the engineering experience, the investment capital, the manpower, and the raw materials to re-create this world in any way we choose. All we lack is the vision and the will.

We must  re-engineer the world in a balanced, future-friendly manner. China is already doing that, in its constitutionally-mandated quest for an ecological civilization. See China’s Forest City for one example among many.

Alternatively, we can do nothing. We can sit and watch our cool, green, lush planet turn into a hot, brown desert. All that wonderful green money we have accumulated will turn brown and worthless. There will no longer be anything to invest it in. It’s our choice.