As you know by now, the EnviroPlex™ is designed to be a net zero installation, renewably producing at least as much  energy as it consumes. That design intention has taken an interesting quantum leap. Enter HERO® technology, possibly the most important scientific breakthrough since the discovery of fire.

The Investment Opportunity Of A Lifetime

We would like to introduce you to an Australian organization (the Company) with which we are developing a relationship. The Company has recently patented a new, carbon-free, game-changing, hydrogen-based technology with the potential to replace the heat source in electrical power plants. In other words, the world will no longer need  coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear technology to produce clean, abundant, dependable, carbon-free electricity.

This breakthrough is, needless to say, a huge financial opportunity! We have introduced the Company to the principals of a very large investment consortium, who are looking at making a major investment in the Company. Beyond that, there exists the possibility that, using micro versions of the Company’s HERO® technology, the EnviroPlex™ could become a net provider of clean electricity to the thousands of  communities in which it is installed. It could feed existing local grids, providing yet another source of revenue to all concerned.

HERO® Breakthrough Technology
  • HERO® = Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser.
  • The Company has been granted a patent for its HERO® technology.
  • Heat Releasing ‘Event’ – key to (patentable ) defensible technology.
  • HERO® technology tested and validated by University of Newcastle.
  • HERO® will enable base load and peaking power generation from renewable resources.
  • Fueled by renewable hydrogen and oxygen – no harmful emissions.
  • HERO® can Fast Start and Fast Stop making it ideal for base load and peaking power.
  • Next generation reliable energy replacing dirty coal-fired power stations.
  • Refurbish operating or mothballed facilities.
  • Very little energy is needed to manufacture HERO®.
  • HERO® combines hydrogen and oxygen, with heat and pure water as its only two outputs.
  • It will provide abundant, clean, green, cheap energy.
  • The Company has successfully scaled HERO® eight times.
  • Scalability confirmed by University of Newcastle.
  • Heat output suits electricity generation and industrial needs.
  • The technology will handle both base load and peak demand power.
  • At commercial scale will be cost competitive against coal.
    Crushing Coal
  • Political will for coal is declining in many countries.
  • Harmful emissions from coal not acceptable in modern civilised world.
  • Health care systems in some countries already challenged by particulate emissions from burning coal.
  • Major remediation risks with coal:
    • groundwater contamination.
    • aquifer degradation.
  • HERO® will easily replace heat source in existing coal and gas steam generation power plants.
  • Re-purposed HERO® coal plant will at least halve fixed and variable operating and maintenance costs and substantially increase profitability.
  • HERO® re-purposed coal plant eliminates pollution control system – approximately 60% of the original plant size and cost.
    Mind The Gap
  • Australia faces  black- and brown-outs in 2018, 2019 and beyond.
  • Gas shortage prevents gas from filling either base load or peak power demand generation.
  • Lack of rapid energy generating capacity with coal (peaking power.)
  • Current renewable technology (solar and wind) is intermittent and unreliable.
  • Renewable technology unable to produce base load or peak demand power.
  • The manufacture of wind turbines, solar arrays or storage batteries is expensive and energy dense.
  • Lack of storage medium limits reliability for current renewable technologies.
Japan Goes Green Hydrogen
  • Japan’s stated goal – to be a green hydrogen economy by 2040, or by 2050 at the latest.
  • Green hydrogen is hydrogen made without releasing any CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • The excess energy from solar, wind and wave power can be used to split water by electrolysis into green hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Green hydrogen is increasingly seen to be the  renewable global fuel of the future.
  • Australia identifies green hydrogen as a possible major export to Asia – with Japan and South Korea first customers.
  • Japanese transition to green hydrogen economy could replace anticipated decline in fossil fuel export income for Australia.
  • First contracts awarded by the South Australian state government for green hydrogen production using the excess energy from solar and wind power.
  • The commercial roll-out of HERO® will increase the demand for green hydrogen in Australia and Japan, and globally as the rollout continues.
  • Australia is well placed to become world’s largest green hydrogen producer and exporter.
    Helium, CO2 or Steam?
  • Looking over the horizon, helium or CO2 turbine technology can replace steam turbine technology.
  • Beyond heating water to make steam to turn steam turbines, HERO® suits heating helium or CO2 instead of water, with the hot helium or CO2 being used to turn the gas turbines.
  • Helium or CO2 turbines are thought by many to be the future of electricity generation as they are significantly smaller than steam turbines, but they have the same energy output.
  • Helium and CO2 turbines completely eliminate the need for cooling lakes, condensers and cooling towers.
  • Using helium or CO2 turbines in the HERO® system will make it modular, scalable and transportable.
  • Both helium and CO2 turbines would offer a highly efficient closed loop turbine system.
    Fossil Fuels: Going The Way Of The Dinosaur
  • HERO® has the potential to encourage and enable a shift away from a fossil fuel powered global economy to a green hydrogen powered one.
  • This would de-carbonise the global economy much faster than current studies predict.
  • HERO® produces no CO2 or any other harmful exhaust emissions.
  • By adopting HERO® as a primary heat source in power generation, the reliance on coal, oil, gas (or nuclear) for power generation is lessened and then eliminated.
    Desalination Opportunities

HERO® heat will enable new methods of cost-effective, large-scale water desalination, with no harmful emissions or warm brine by-products.

Stranded Assets
  • Stranded assets are assets with unexpected write-downs due to ‘seismic’ market shifts.
  • The Stranded Assets Theory is part of the climate change debate and predicts that a third of all oil reserves, half of all gas reserves and over 80% of current coal reserves will have to remain unused in order to limit the Earth’s temperature increase to 2 degrees C.
  • Re-purposing physical assets threatened by market changes, such as coal-fired power stations, can extend their life and defer or eliminate remediation liability costs.
HERO® current status and going forward
  • The Company is working on it’s first small-size commercial-scale pilot of HERO®
  • Various options being considered for commercial testing of HERO® in disused coal-fired power stations.
  • Government discussions commencing to secure trial support.
  • Once commercial testing successfully carried out:
    • potential HERO®installation in Liddell coal-fired powerplant in NSW, Australia (still operational)
    • potential HERO® installation in Hazelwood in Victoria, Australia (mothballed)
    • installation of HERO® in Liddell and/or Hazelwood would avoid forecast Australian power disruption.
  • The Company’s business model is to produce and sell steam to power generators either in existing coal or gas steam generation power plants by replacing the heat source, or in newly-built smaller decentralised power plants.
    • it will do so through its 100% owned operating company, which will operate a separate relatively small building on the site of a power plant, guaranteeing the supply of steam to the turbines for a price per unit of energy, establishing an ongoing revenue model.
  • The Company is aiming for HERO® commercial base load and peaking power generation in the Australian market within 18 to 24 months.
  • HERO® is also ideally suited for replacing the heat source in existing large- or medium-scale district heating facilities, or in newly built ones.
  • HERO® could be used for any industrial heat or cooling applications.
  • Increasing the availability of ‘green’ electricity will encourage and enable more electricity use in all economies, driving pollution-free economic growth and development globally.
A Very Exciting Breakthrough!

Stand by for further information. If you are a potential investor, please contact us as soon as possible.

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