The EnviroVillage

EnviroBarn/Vertical Farm/Carbon Capture/Multi-Use Pavilion

NOTE: This proposed installation was developed in late 2017 for a Native American Reservation in the Arizona desert.

In terms of scale, think of the New York City block that includes the Plaza Hotel. Note the beautiful urban park to the north – Central Park. Think of the simple architectural rendering below, converted from three utilitarian rectangular volumes into an architecturally beautiful semi-circle. The EnviroVillage™ houses scientists, engineers, architects, writers, artists, business people, farm and factory workers and their children. Imagine it thriving in the Arizona desert or China or North Africa or Australia or the Middle East or any hot dry location on our increasingly hot, dry planet – places where it is difficult or impossible to raise animals or crops .

The multi-level EnviroBarn™ is three stories high. The Greenhouse/Vertical Farm is ten stories high. The Office/Residential Tower is 50 stories high. All sun-facing surfaces are photovoltaic. The design integrates wind turbines  and solar thermal systems (not shown).  There is abundant renewable energy at all times. The lowest level incorporates sufficient Tesla battery arrays to store an ample reserve of electricity.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the EnviroVillage™ faces south, so the tall office/residential building casts a huge shadow on the north side, where shaded parks, market gardens, farm fields, food forests, farmers markets, restaurants, entertainment areas and childrens’ playgrounds are located. These areas are encircled by CCM™ arrays and tented over to provide a cool, clean, humid environment no matter what the conditions are like outside. The entire area is increasingly surrounded by cultivation as the soil is built and regenerated over time. The desert is receding.

The EnviroVillage™ grows its own food, generates its own energy, and recycles its water and its waste, including human waste. Unlike Biosphere2 (the experimental 1990s “Mars colony” in the Arizona desert) the EnviroVillage is not separated from the outside world, and will not be stopped by carbon dioxide build-up. On the contrary, it is highly carbon negative. It captures, sequesters and re-uses much more CO2 than it emits.


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