Future Cities


The city of the future is a beautiful, mass-producible, 3D-printed, self-sufficient, earthquake-proof, scalable human habitation composed of strong, light, durable, carbon-fiber composite construction material (CFC) sourced from the excess atmospheric and oceanic carbon dioxide and methane currently causing global warming, ocean acidification and coral bleaching. We call it the Circular City.

At any scale, the Circular City is architecturally flexible, holistic, fireproof, carbon-negative and energy-independent. It produces its own organic food, operates its own circular economy, creates its own renewable energy, recycles its own waste, educates its own children, and provides a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing environment where the citizens are encouraged to manifest their highest creative potential.

It could look like the whimsical picture below, or virtually any other design, from ultra-traditional to ultra-modern, from Bauhaus to Science Fiction

The Circular City takes into account all of the needs of a happy, healthy human community. Attractive, safe, light, airy shelter, cool in summer, warm in winter. The city can be rotated periodically, using magnetic levitation, so there is no cold, damp, mouldy side vs hot, sunny, dry side. The possibilities are endless.

What else will best serve our evolving species in the coming centuries? A thriving economy. Good, clean, nutrient-rich organic food. Pure water. Zero air pollution, chemical off-gassing or microwave radiation. Silent, all-electric transportation. Regenerative agriculture. Vertical farming. A blockchain-based crypto-currency. Close adherence to the circular economic principles developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. A trust-based system of governance using the socio-political ideals of Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon. Visionary architecture inspired by the likes of Paolo Soleri, Vincent Callebaut, Buckminster Fuller, Jaque Fresco, and others.

The Circular City provides unlimited opportunities for creative expression. It’s a forest. It’s a farm. It’s a park. It’s a university. It’s a community of like-hearted individuals. It’s an inspiring place to live. Children love it. Imagine!


Imagine if humanity woke up and stopped poisoning the only planet we have. Imagine if the technology existed to extract huge amounts of excess carbon directly from the atmosphere and the ocean, thereby reversing climate change? Guess what? We can wake up, and the technology does exist. Right now!

Imagine if that carbon could be affordably converted into abundant carbon-fiber composite (CFC) construction material? Imagine if that CFC construction material could be used to 3D print the elements of beautiful, functional, lightweight, everlasting cities at any scale, to any design, from tiny eco-villages for 100 people, to towns of 1,000 – 10,000 people, all the way up to cities or clusters of cities designed for 100,000 or even a million citizens.

Imagine if, by so doing, we could permanently sequester a trillion tons of atmospheric and oceanic carbon? Can you imagine all of that? We certainly can. It’s our business.

All we have to do is do it!